Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Pond - April 2nd 2011

The Pond - 2011 - 07, originally uploaded by Pipsissiwa.

Everything is growing like crazy in the garden, and that certainly includes the pond.

The water forget-me-not is sending up shoots ready to flower and the iris is getting huge! The marsh marigolds are in full bloom, adding a golden glow to the pond edges.

The pond itself is full of life. We have dragonfly larvae, damselfly larvae and mayflies, water lice, loads of pond snails of assorted species and sizes, various beetles, daphnia (water fleas) and a tonne of unidentified larvae and worms.


A Water Louse. They look just like woodlice, but with longer legs.

A selection of Insect larvae from the pond. The large greenish nymph is a damselfly, the two stumpy round-bodied ones are dragonfly nymphs and the smaller three-tailed one at the bottom is a mayfly larva.

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