Why Do I Do This?

I take wildlife portraits.   Primarily invertebrate portraits.  I do this because I love wildlife, plain and simple. Especially the little animals that most people overlook, ignore or dislike.  Beetles, spiders, slugs, worms, flies...  Invertebrates are every bit as beautiful, varied, complex and amazing in their behaviour and appearance as any vertebrate. 

I hope to show the beauty I see when I look at these little animals, and explain why I love them.  So many people see spiders as scary and nasty, slugs as ugly pests, flies as nuisances to be swatted.  They are wrong.  Yes, slugs are slimy. Yes some flies can carry disease. No, that isn't all there is to them.  Arthropods are examples of natural engineering at its best, slugs so simple yet so successful.  I want people to see that when you actually stop and look, these animals are as worthy of our awe, love and respect as (for examples) dolphins, tigers and golden eagles.